Nexus 7 (v. 2013) - Obecná diskuzeI loved my Nexus 7


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I loved my Nexus 7

Příspěvek od willy99 » stř 18. zář 2019 10:59:14

I loved both versions of the Nexus 7. I still have my original kicking around but sold the later model. Their performance hasn't aged well... the last few updates Google rolled out slowed them to a crawl and rolling back to the earlier firmware means exposing yourself to software vulnerabilities and lots of apps no longer compatible...reverse phone lookupnba reddit pcpartpicker

I moved on to a Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet that I still use today. It's a great device if you can pick one up and Sony's android it very close to stock android.

Nothing seems to have come along to replace my Z3. Samsung do some nice tablets but I hate their version of Android. I'd love a Pixel 7 or 8 inch tablet


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